Update a domain from Survey123 in the field

05-22-2020 03:30 AM
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I have a quick survey for field guys, and part of it is to add vehincle registrations. These registrations can be added to a picklist, but new vehicles could show up on site at any time and need to be logged.

I essentially want a field where it autocompletes, and any new registration plates are added to the list for all users. I am aware I'll have to probably restrict use of this form to web browser

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Ben,

This is theoretically possible but a bit difficult to do as you would need to republish to form (or at least update the CSV field if ) with every new vehicle. You would essentially need to add the vehicle to the CSV, and republish the form (as described in Updating the media folder of a Survey123 Form item) and then republish when new.

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