Unusable data due to map pin misuse

04-15-2021 09:03 AM
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Hi all, in this survey - https://arcg.is/10ezif - we have a question with a map where users show the location of a specific space.

The map extend is pretty wide, and the pin is just in the middle of the ocean, users need to move it around or enter the address to their selected location. I have found that lately most of the data is in the same location (in the middle of the ocean where the pin is originally), I wonder if it's not very clear for the users to use the pin or if there is something wrong with it? I've tried to change the wording, reconfigure it but it still happens which is annoying because we can't use the data.. Does anyone have any advise on this? 

Thank you! 



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Hi Celine,

The default map location will set to 0,0 for lat and long and it's located at the coean nearby Africa. If user did not input a location or click the map to place a map pin, the default location 0,0 will be used. I checked your survey and saw that you had made it as a required questions which required user to place a map pin before submitting.

You might also want to mae sure the option to ask the device's location is enabled.


All these settings should prevent a default map location being captured.


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