Unhide hidden field for QC purposes in edit mode?

07-16-2020 07:52 AM
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Via the URL parameters, you can hide fields but I want to expose hidden fields while in Edit mode so that QCers can edit the QC fields post data collection. Is this is possible? If not, I'll just have to display the fields in a collapsed section in the survey itself (less than ideal). The fields are in the data set, just not displayed in the survey itself.

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Hi Whitney,

If you want to have different options and fields visible for different user types (collectors vs reviewers) you could use two different surveys, that point to same feature service. That way you can remove the questions from the original survey you don't want collectors to see, but you can then add those into the second survey for the reviewers.

You then just provide the different users the different links for them to open the survey. The data will all still be stored in the same feature service in the same layers and tables.



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Hi @WhitneyWeber ,


If your questions are "hidden" on the original survey, the easiest option will be creating a second survey only for editing purposes. 

However, you can use an alternative workflow to specify which questions should be visible on the form base on the mode (view, edit, new). In order to do this, you need to change your question type from "hidden" to something else (e.g. text, integer, etc.), add a hidden question with a calculation  to return the mode pulldata("@property", 'mode'), and use it as the relevant expression to show/hide specific question on the form ${survey_mode}!='edit'. 

For instance, questions with this relevant expression appear only in "view" and "new" mode: ${survey_mode}!='edit'

Similarly,  questions with this relevant expression appear only in "new" mode: ${survey_mode}='new'

This workflow is explained in more detail by @JamieLambert  in the post linked below: