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Unable to publish survey due to 400 error

04-09-2020 12:16 PM
New Contributor

I am trying to add and remove some fields to an existing Survey, but I keep getting the following error on publish:

"code": 400,
"details": [
"Not supported. Columns cannot be added to view services."
"message": "Unable to add feature service layer definition."

I have looked at other question, and most seem to be related to duplicate question names I do not seem to have that issue.   Everything in the documentation seem to indicate that I should be able to complete this simple task.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi David,

It looks like this form was created in the web designer originally. If possible, I would recommend adding the question in the web designer. The issue is that the web designer creates a view for submission; currently Survey123 Connect mistakes the view for the main feature service layer. You could add the field to the main feature service through the Item Details and then publish.

Occasional Contributor

The workaround with adding the field manually helps to solve the error.

But I hope this is listed as bug and will be fixed in a future release! (?)

New Contributor III

Likewise on hoping it is fixed in the future. Because of limitations in the web designer (like adding a z point to geopoint, etc), making edits in the XLS form is going to be likely. The web designer is not very useful if there is a one-way valve here.

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