Unable to complete previous operation due to low memory

06-07-2022 01:41 PM
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This is for Survey123 Connect. I have a field using image as type with method=camera in the body::esri::style column. Every time I try to complete the survey on my Android phone, I can click the button to take a picture, take the picture, and click OK. But when it goes back to the form, it says "Unable to complete previous operation due to low memory" and the photo is not added as an attachment. If I remove method=camera, it works intermittently -- sometimes it attaches the photo, sometimes it gives that error message.

I have plenty of memory on my phone (multiple GB) and I've cleared my browser cache. I've tried on both Chrome and Edge. No luck. Anyone else have this issue?

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Have you tried using the Survey123 app? From your description of the issue it sounds like you are using the web browser to fill in the survey? You could also try to limit the size of the photo that gets attached to the survey:



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