unable to add feature service definition - code: 400 ["column names in each table must be unique

01-28-2021 01:48 AM
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Hi there,

I designed surveys in excel but am getting the error "unable to add feature service definition.
code: 400........." when I try to publish. This is happening for all the 5 surveys. 

I have checked the "survey" sheet in excel and there are no duplicate values as mentioned in some posts. All values are unique but the error persists.

Am using the desktop app to publish. I have attached one of the excel files. 


Thanks for your assistance. 

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Did you see some of the possible related threads in the Related column to the right of your question.

It seems to be not an uncommon issue and often not related to duplicate column names within the spreadsheet itself.  For example

Solved: Unable to add feature service definition Error cod... - GeoNet, The Esri Community

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It looks like you did not start with the template as there is all kinds of things missing from you excel sheet.  Like the appearances, reserved, etc.

Your very first column you have type as today - no such type.  You prob mean date.  If you had a proper excel sheet then you would see drop downs in the type column.  You have a bunch of other columns missing.  And one called $given_name for some reason.  You must start with a proper template or you will not get far.  You have end_group when it is really end group.  You are using a list name that is the same as a field name - cant call it RegionList or something.

I suggest starting a new form.  Then copy - paste VALUES into the new sheet from the old.  Otherwise you lose all the formatting and there is a lot.  Not sure how you lost all the formatting.

Hope the helps

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