Trying to use html to format select one lists

01-05-2021 03:05 PM
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I have used html code to help explain my survey choices, and it works on the survey wonderfully. However, the html code I used in the label column of my choices sheet is showing up in my attribute data when answers are submitted. The html code is in the label column, and a normal name in the name column. Everything I have read says this should work, and the data in the attribute table should represent the name column. 


Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if what I want isn't possible! Thanks! 

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The data is stored as the name.  Then a domain is created with the label.  The webmap by default uses the label - and unfortunately there is no way to turn this off like in ArcMap or Pro.  Most of the time you do want the friendly domain but it would be great if they enabled this.  If you export, download, or look at the data in Pro you can see the "real" data.  In some cases I use a second field to actually store the data that has no domain.  This means creating two fields when you need this change, which can be a pain but it works.  Bind the display field to null to keep it out of the backend.

Hope that helps