Trouble with Integromat Webhooks

04-15-2020 06:25 PM
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I have Integromat webhooks setup between Survey123 and Office365 Email.  They function but a keep getting the message

I've contacted Integromat but they've referred me back to Esri for help.  I originally thought that this was a disruption caused by Survey123 Connect but these scenarios were created from scratch after the last modification/publication from Connect.  

I've upgraded to a paid subscription for the extra help, which produced the only real response from Integromat - a referral to Esri for a solution.

Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks!

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Esri Contributor

Hi Steve,

Thank you for reaching out! It seems like your token is expired. You could refresh the token by adding the webhook again. Specifically, you need to click that survey123 green circle, and press "Add", and add your survey again in the pop-up window. I hope this msg is helpful.

We actually have a mechanism to refresh that token automatically on the backend, but it somehow failed in your case. We are trying to improve this mechanism, would you mind provide us some info related to this failure? If it is possible could you please let us know: did you have multiple scenarios run in the Integromat at the same time? Or did you create this scenario a while ago?

Thanks a lot!


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