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09-16-2020 10:28 AM
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I have a survey that is available in 5 languages. I started making the survey in the Survey123 web editor and then switched to Survey 123 Connect. I made a Thank You page in English in web editor, but now I want to make the Thank You page in other languages. How do I do that? Or at least edit the Thank You page in Survey 123 Connect?


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Hi Christina,

The Thank you screen can only be edited on survey123 website, regardless of the form creation(from Connect or web designer) and only one language(the actual Thank you Screen content) can be shown if you have multiple languages for your form. We do currently have an issue to support localizing the Thank You Screen content based on the form language but it's still in our backlog queue.

I encourage you to contact Esri Support. Our Support team will assign an official enhancement number for your records. Similar requests from other customers can then be attached to the same enhancement request, which helps us assess demand for the enhancement and prioritize it accordingly.


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