Table-List Question Text is Cut Off on Web Form in a Group

08-18-2020 06:32 AM
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Ismael Chivite‌ I noticed what appears to be a bug in the web form. When a table-list is nested inside of a standard group (see exhibit 2), the question text is cut of due to an extra line break. This looks like a CSS issue on the web form side. Here are some visuals:

Exhibit 1: table-list without nested outer group

Here we have the table-list as the highest level group, the typical presentation. Everything looks good here.

Exhibit 2: table-list inside of another group

This is the error condition. Here we have the same exact group as exhibit 1 but inside of another group. The question text is cut off.

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Hello Elliott Plack‌, 

I had tested on my end and was unable to reproduce the same behavior. Is the behavior reproducible in all web browsers or just one? If you test in an incognito window is the same behavior observed? 

On the settings tab for the survey what does it say for the web app version? Is the survey form using 3.10? 

Thank you, 


Thank you,
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I am having the same issue. I have 2 sections of table-list questions in my survey. When I view the survey in Survey123 Connect on my desktop it looks fine (see below). I have the survey imbedded in a dashboard and the table-list questions are not all fully visible. This occurs in Chrome, Firefox and Chrome Incognito, and when I open the form directly in AGO. It appears that it is adding a space/row in front of a couple of questions, but I have confirmed that does not exist, and have deleted the question and pasted in text from notepad, but that did not resolve the problem.

Within Survey123 Connect on my desktop


Within my dashboard in Chrome


Form opened in AGO



Any suggestions are welcome.




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