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04-30-2021 05:39 AM
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I've added a note to a Survey123 web form that a user can click on to submit an email, with the contents of the survey.

The script in the XLS Form looks like this:

<a href=" of ${sp_number}&body=${sp_number} - ${name} has been reviewed, and has a status of ${status}.">Click Here to send status update email</a>

However, when opening the survey in a web browser, the note looks like this:



...and clicking on the link populates a new email in Outlook like this:


How can I modify the code to work correctly?  I've tried various combinations of "?" and "&" before the subject and body, with no luck.

I went down the Power Automate route, to automatically send an email; however, there are too many variables with the form to limit the number of emails sent to just one, when the feature was approved, and to not send duplicate ones when the point was updated again.


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Hi Jason, 


Try something like this, using concat to connect HTML code and variables (${}).  I roughly wrote so this may still contain the error, but basically you want to build a code to fit in under a href's url using concat and also the rest of HTML part.

Hope this helps.

concat('<a href="mailto:',${Email},'?subject= Review of', ${sp_number},"&body=",${sp_number}, "- ",${name}," has been revired and has a status of " ,${status},',",>Click Here to send status update email</a>')





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Thanks!  Didn't even think about a concat statement.

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