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Sync data from enterprise portal back to SDE

08-06-2023 09:16 PM
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Hi there,


I'm working on sync the hosted feature service (for S123) in our enterprise portal back  to SDE. I followed this article by @JamesTedrick  

Migrating data from the Survey Feature Service to ... - Esri Community

However, my feature table data does not have the SYS_TRANSFER_DATE field. 

The current Capabilities:Create,Editing,Uploads,Query,Update,Sync and it is hosted in Enterprise, not AGOL.

Anyone know how to get this SYS_TRANSFER_DATE field? I assume it should be generated by the system.



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Hi @lannguyentl,

One way to sync the data is you could perform a truncate/append:

  • Truncate the Enterprise Geodatabase feature class
  • Append the data from the hosted feature service to the Enterprise Geodatabase
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Hi Jake, 

We do truncate all the time. I just want to try the Append with a subset of new data rather than pushing through all. The Sys_transfer_date field holds the timestamp to distinguish what is new/old. I just wonder how to have/add that field into my service in the portal. The workflow and code are easy after that point 🙂

Thanks for your reply!


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I found the answer to my own question 🙂 by reading carefully the script, it is not sys generated one, there is a func created it and injects timestamp into it. 🙂

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