Symbology Issues in Survey 123

04-13-2022 07:39 AM
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Hi, I have come across and issue with symbology within Survey 123. Symbology is correct in the webmap and the desktop views of the applications but when viewed using Survey123 on a mobile device the symbology in one of the reference layers is being displayed as black. All other functionality is fine however the symbology has changed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Is the symbology applied to one of the views but not the other or original? Go to the item folder in ArcGIS Online and look at the data on the Visualization page. Take a look at the stakeholder view the same way, and then in any web maps you have added it to.

A Hosted Feature Layer will have default symbology (item details > visualisation tab).
A Hosted Feature Layer View (used to share access for fieldwork or stakeholders) can have the symbology modified independently to other views and the parent hosted feature layer.
A Web Map layer configuration can also modify the layer symbology; you can save the symbology back to the default for the layer(or view) in the map contents layer options.

Another consideration could be that the symbology that has been applied may not be supported in Survey123 and has been downgraded
Or another is that the map used for data collection is connected to a different map, or is not online.

Please let us know if any of the above may apply. If further assistance or investigation is required - please include additional details such as how it was set up, what version / environment, and what changes were made after the survey was published.


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