Surveys not loading in Inbox when surveys in the Sent folders are not deleted

03-30-2021 06:58 PM
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Hi! We are configuring a survey form with a review workflow.

In our workflow, User A fills out a survey and sends it. After this User B reviews the submitted survey by User A and could either approve it or return it back to User A. 

However we are encountering an issue in the current version wherein surveys returned to User A are not loaded into his inbox folder unless the surveys in his  Sent folder are deleted. This was not the case in past versions. The same way, when User A resubmits the returned survey to him, User B will not be able to load it in his inbox unless he deletes the survey from his Sent folder.  We tested disabling the Sent folder and this allowed the returned and resubmitted surveys to be automatically loaded in the inbox of the users. However, we need to see the list of surveys that were sent. So disabling the sent folder is an issue. 

Is there a way to resolve this?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi @eocampo  This is expected. A survey record can only sit in one folder: If you have a record in your Sent folder, you will not see it populate in your Inbox.  This is why Survey123 Connect recommends that you disable the Sent folder when the Inbox is enabled. This is described in detail here

If you would like end users to see the records that have been submitted already, you may want to use a web map to display data already sent. Hope this helps!

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