Surveys Failed to Publish Again if Moved To Group in ArcGIS Online

04-17-2019 05:43 PM
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Can anybody confirm if this is the case.  When I publish a new survey it publishes to completion.The same occurs when I "Create a New Survey" from the existing Survey to make a Training version for people to practice on. As soon as I MOVE it it loses its reference and fails to publish ever again.

I thought the idea of groups is that they could be used like folders to store and organise related survey items rather than leaving everything in the root of the "All My Content" "folder". Even if I do MOVE it back to the ROOT folder it never publishes again.  The issue then persists into ArcGIS Online when trying to remove any trace of the failed project.

Does anyone have any workflow procedures to resolve this issue?

Is there such a thing as Publishing Direct to the required group from S123 Connect?

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Hi Aaron,

When you publish a survey from Connect or Web Designer a new folder is created in your AGO My Content and is named with the survey name. This folder will contain the Form item and Feature Service. If you create from an existing feature service then the folder will only have the Form item, and the feature service will remain in its orginal location.

If you move the form item or feature service then you will not be able to republish from Connect, as it needs to know the location of this folder to update the items required.


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Thankyou Phil.  That was exactly the case after moving the Connect in ArcOnline. I now leave files in the root of my account and Share 'Access' via the Group Security containers and it works fine, but leads to significant clutter while files are fixed and you have multiple surveys.  

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Hi Phil,
I have a related question:

Somebody in my organization created a survey using the Web Designer. He then needed some functionality that he was unable to perform (in particular, creating a webhook to automate an email process), so I took ownership of his survey and the related feature classes so that I could edit and access the survey. However, in trying to publish the edits, I am unable to do so because the original folder is in his account. Is there a way to change that WITHOUT using Connect? I'm trying to keep the design edits on the web if at all possible. 



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