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02-25-2021 12:24 AM
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Good morning Survey123 Community and @IsmaelChivite !

I have installed the last version of Survey123Connect before realizing it is not supported by my OS (windows 8.1).

I cannot find a 'previous but recent' version of the installer, one that would be both compatible with windows 8.1 AND functionally rich (maybe a v3.10.x?).  The most recent I found is a v.2.1.19, and it is missing many very helpful features.

Any help and pointers greatly appreciated!

With kind regards,


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi @HélèneTOUYERAS ,

The issue with Survey123 Connect not working on Windows 8.1 was not an intended discontinuation of support for that operating system.  You should find the next release of Survey123 (3.12, available later today) works with Windows 8.1.

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Many thanks for the excellent news, @JamesTedrick ! (that's actually 2 good news in one 🙂 )

I downloaded Survey123Connect v.v3_12_230, and confirm it is running OK with Windows 8.1 - many, many thanks!


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