11-25-2020 11:19 AM
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Hi Nathan,

I saw your post via email notification about issues with Trimble TSC7s. However when I clicked the link to reply there is no content in your post above. This is what you wrote:

We have recently purchased new Trimble TSC7s and installed Survey123, version 3.11 on them.  My crews are able to run the app and collect data, but the Send button doesn't appear at the bottom of the app, rendering them useless.  We had three TSC7s in use already running Survey123 version 3.10 with no issues.  Has anyone run into this issue and found a solution?  Secondly does anyone have an installation file of 3.10, Esri refuses to provide it even though 3.11 is obviously not stable.

Are you still having issues with 3.11 on this device? Can you provide a screenshot of what you see, and also can you let me know the exact OS version and if all updates are applied to the device. We have seen similar issues on some devices where there are problems with the graphics drivers, that cause some parts of the UI not to display. Otherwise could it be related to the custom colours you are using in the app for that survey form?



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