Survey123 webhooks with IWA

07-20-2020 10:29 PM
New Contributor III

We use portal and integrated Windows authentication (IWA). We would like to use Survey123 webhooks, but it appears not to work with Integromat if using IWA. Has anyone come across this issue and solved it?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Adrian,

Because the webhook connectors make changes to the item configuration as part of setting up a webhook, they need to be able to act for the owner of the item - that is why you sign in when using a connector.  This ability to act for a user from another server system will not work for a web-tier IWA security model, as the webhook provider would need to have your windows identity in order to modify the item.

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New Contributor II

Hi Adrian and James,

We've had success with this using MS Power Automate with Survey123 because we also federate our Windows login with IWS. Do you have anything similar you could try?

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