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10-25-2022 12:45 PM
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I have experienced another intermittent failure in my Integromat > Survey123 process (the other is described here). It was happening around the same time as the other issue. Both were happening off-and-on over a couple week period last month. This issue I noticed 4 times in that 2 weeks. In this case:

  1. A survey is created
  2. A webhook event is logged by Integromat for this survey
  3. Integromat takes no action, no Scenario is started. No error, no warning message, just nothing other than the webhook logged and event.

In each case, after 20-60 minutes when they didn't get an email they asked me what the problem was. By my making a minor edit in our enterprise Survey123 web interface (like putting a space or dash in a phone number), it generated a new webhook event and fired as expected (generated report, emailed it).

Once I isolated a test case for this behavior, I sent it to Integromat/Make support for assistance. Fun fact: they delete their logs after 7 days. So when they responded to my issue after 10 days, they had no way to help me. Another fun fact: there is no way for users to check these ourselves before they expire. Instead, they assure me that ESRI Technical Support can help me locate my copies of the the webhook payloads. After two weeks of sharing my logs and talking with ESRI Technical Support, I am not as certain as Integromat.

So this is my question: where in the world can I find the

webhook JSON payload containing the timestamp of the event, webhook headers, timestamp of server's response, response code and response headers

Is this possible given just a time of the webhook event and access to my enterprise server? 



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