Survey123 Webhook isn't triggered when using Android devices

08-14-2020 02:57 AM
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Hi all,

We've set up a webhook for Survey123 with FME Server. The webhook triggers correctly if forms are sent with the field app from Apple devices (phones and tablets), or with the desktop app from a Microsoft PC, thus I am quite certain it is set up correctly.

However, the webhook doesn't trigger at all if forms are sent with the field app from Android devices (so far tested with Huawei tablet and Sony phone, app version 3.10.325). All forms have been re-downloaded after setting up the webhook.

We've experienced this issue with three different Surveys. Did anyone else encounter this problem? Any advice on how we could fix it?

Best regards,


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Andrea,

Are your testing android phone running on the same network as your iOS devices and the same survey123 account? What android OS version are the devices running on?

Is the survey hosted on AGOL or enterrpise?

We would need more information on the your setting to narrow down the problem.

However, defintely check the network setting on the android devices first and make sure they are running on the same network environment as your iOS devices.

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