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Survey123 web app runs out of memory and can't load form

04-08-2022 12:27 PM
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Issue: Survey123 form embedded in a dashboard will not load if it has 12 related records. I get "out of memory" errors from the browser. Form loads successfully with 3 related records. I have not systematically tested to see how many it could load before it fails - this is my first experience with this issue. 

Data Structure:

Survey123 form utilizes an existing hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online with the following data structure:

  • PMT (Project Management Table)
    • PAT (Pay Accounts Table) - related table - 0 records
    • CO (Change Order Table) - related table - 6 records
    • PRT (Pay Request Table) - related table - 6 records


  • Survey published via Survey123 Connect (version 3.13) Form failed to load on this version. I then updated the form on to version 3.14 and it still failed to load.
  • Survey utilizes 2 javascript files
  • Survey utilizes a total of 31 pulldata() functions
  • There are numerous other calculations in both live and hidden fields


I have attached the xls form, the 2 javascript files, and screenshots of errors I receive.

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@ZhifangWangWould you mind having a look at this one?

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