Survey123 validate number of repeats

11-25-2019 01:37 AM
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I have Survey based on ArcGIS server feature service.

There is also a relationship class, for example - several different people 

In the survey I have one question about "how many people" and then begin / end repeat to collect the people's data.

I need to validate the the number of people in the question is equal to the number of repeats.

I've added a "note" (without a name, only label) to calculate the number of repeats - works fine.

Now I try write a constraint on this note, to compare the note result and the question above.

The problem is that the constraint doesn't work all the time and for all the numbers.

Sometimes the numbers are equal but there is an error, sometimes the opposite, and sometimes it works fine.

Do anyone has solved this problem in another way, or can help me build it correctly?

Thanks in advance


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How about you do not ask them you just calculate it using Count().  

You could also use repeat_count set to the number of people.  Then make each of the repeats required.

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Thank you Doug.

I applied your idea and it works.

Thanks again


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