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Survey123 Untitled Features Issue

06-02-2023 11:46 AM
New Contributor


I created a survey that allows users to plot data on a map and it auto updates in a dashboard layer. I am now creating a WebExperience where users are able to update the data plotted on the map. 

When You click on a point that has multiple submissions for that location, it pops up and says "Untitled Feature 1" "Untitled Feature 2" "Untitled Feature 3" ETC. How do I allow users to name these different plots rather than it appearing as an Untitled Feature? I attached the image.Untitled Features.JPG

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Esri Regular Contributor

I think it would be helpful if you would show us the survey form that you used to create these entries. I am not very experienced in Experience Builder - where is the text coming from? What do you get there if you use a different layer?

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