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Survey123 Template Report - having fields from outside the repeat on same row

04-13-2022 07:11 AM
New Contributor II

Hi there

I'm trying to get a value from outside a repeat to sit on the same row as my repeat.

The first column (Survey number) contains a value from outside of the repeat (Record, column 2 onwards)


When I submit in this format, I get the error ‘Failed to parse ${surveynumber} since field name or parameter surveynumber cannot be found in the current parsing scope’. This is definitely the correct spelling/capitalisation of my field.

Could someone advise on how to do this? Currently only way I can make it work is putting the Survey Number on a separate row (not ideal).

Do I need to put it all within the repeat but then specify somehow that ${surveynumber} is from outside the repeat? In the instructions ( there is a bit in the example which uses ${mainlayer.field} which looks like it might be what I'm after??



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