Survey123 results on a map per theme

10-20-2022 05:41 AM
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Im trying to show the results from a survey on a map. A little bit of context: the survey has a number of fields, name, email, etc. The person filling in the survey must also choose a theme, a location and upload a picture. Ive succesfully made a map showing all the responses on a map but I need to create a sort of filter per theme that users can choose on the map. Somthing that looks like the tabs in your browser. Something that shows all the dots on the map and when you click it the details about that survey pop up. Also is there a way to show the picture that was uploaded? Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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Sounds to me like a great scenario for utilizing Operations Dashboards. There are a few things you could do...

You can have web maps or web applications show up as "tabs" by stacking them in the dashboard layout. I made the screenshot below very quickly, but I'm sure there are a lot of other configurations you can play around with, like renaming the elements so they don't just say "Map".



If you chose this route, it would probably be best to create separate web maps, one for each tab. You would set up the filter based on the "theme" attribute in the web map itself, so that only survey points for those themes would display. The info from the survey would display in the pop-up when the point was clicked on the map. 

If you don't have to have the "tabs" appearance, there are other things you can do within Operations Dashboard or WebApp Builder by setting up filters that can be activated dynamically via buttons in the dashboard elements or webapp widgets.

Maybe that's all you need to get you going in the right direction, but if you have more specific questions I'll try to help! 

Good luck and have fun 😉



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