Survey123 repeat header floats in web browser, but not when accessed via ArcGIS Hub

02-23-2023 03:26 AM
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We have a Survey123 form for collecting wildlife observations from pond surveys, created in Survey123 Connect but designed to be accessed through a web browser. The form contains a repeat to allow for multiple species observations at a single pond.

If the form is accessed via a direct link and opened in the browser, the repeat bar floats on the page and can be seen when the user is anywhere within the repeat (see image below). 

Floating repeat barFloating repeat bar

However, if we use the Survey Card in ArcGIS Hub Premium to link to the survey (using the Feature option), the repeat bar no longer floats and so the user has to scroll back to the top of the repeat each time to add a new record. Is there a way around this? For reference, the survey URL would be something like https://[hub  web address]/feedback/surveys/[itemid of survey form]/explore

Repeat bar when survey accessed via ArcGIS Hub PremiumRepeat bar when survey accessed via ArcGIS Hub Premium

Feature option selected in Survey card settingsFeature option selected in Survey card settings

I appreciate the workaround would be to link to the Survey123 differently so that it is opened in its own browser tab, but for consistency we would like to keep it within our ArcGIS Hub site.

I have also tested this using the Embed option of the Survey card, and the issue does not apply in this scenario (i.e., the repeat bar floats with the repeat). Similarly, a workaround here could be for us to create a separate hub page, embed the survey form on it and link to it rather than using the Feature option, but this is not our preferred route if there is a way to fix the behaviour.

Tested in Chrome and Edge.

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