Survey123 Removing Data from Repeats when Relevancy Criteria Applied

08-01-2022 02:26 AM
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I currently have issues with a Survey123 Form where data is being wiped from repeats when the User switches between them. I have narrowed this down to the relevancy criteria I have put into the form but it is behaving in an unexpected way.

The first question in my repeat is related to an observation, depending on the outcome of this question further questions need to appear. So if the user Selects "Sett" then a series of Sett Assessment Questions need to appear, however if the user selects "Field Sign" only Field Sign questions need to appear. This works well, until the user needs to navigate backwards through their repeats at this point any previously entered information is wiped. I would expect this to happen if the user was swapping between Field Signs and Setts within the same repeat but this is impacting the data outside of that instance of the repeat. When I remove the relevancy criteria the issue disappears but we end up with a form that displays a lot of redundant questions.

Any advice?

I am using Survey Connect 3.15.165 to build the forms and Survey123 3.15.145 on an Iphone but I have had users report this across a variety of versions/platforms

Thanks in advance. 

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Your relevancy may be a bit funky. You need to post the form though or just guessing.

Other option is to use the esri visible field.  It hides the question but does not set it to ''.  I would still check the logic on it but it could get you by.

Hope that helps.

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