Survey123 Related Table Attachments - Cannot read properties of null(reading'name')

06-01-2023 09:24 AM
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I am trying to show photos that are within a repeat in a survey123 web form. When field users re-open the form (for another site visit ) the photos attached to the repeat do not display showing the below error:

"Cannot read properties of null(reading'name')"




- Survey created in S123 Connect 

- Published via an sde 

- Has a repeat table and photos attached to the repeat - that are causing the issues

-Using a web map with a URL to open a survey in web version of survey123 with global id match and mode=edit enables

- users can open and submit a survey with no issues and can even add new photos but just cannot see them in the form

- Users can see the photos in AGOL in the data view > Photo and files 

- we use a web/online view as we are also having issues opening surveys in the survey123 app

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Hi, we've had similar issues and eventually figured out we needed to Upgrade Attachments in SDE after it has been enabled.

We have to do the following now: for every new layer where attachments are enabled in SDE, run 'Upgrade Attachments' (Data Management in Pro), stop and start (or even republish) service to ensure attachments show in Survey123 web forms when viewing.
Hopefully this helps you too. 

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I also had this problem and it was because I had multiple notes in the survey with no title...

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