Survey123 - Recovering data from Android not working

10-12-2022 06:46 AM
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We have 41 unsent features on an Android device which we cannot upload to our portal and currently seem to be lost.

(Some hint: We have esriFieldTypePointZ fieldtype of geopoint questiontype in the schema, and the colleague onsite wanted to modify her location manually to each, which caused Z field to be erased to NULL. NULL values are not to be sent to the portal...)

We tried getting the data from her Android device itself, following the instructions here

but none of them seem to work. We wanted to save the .sqlite file but we cannot see the folder (Android/data/com.esri.survey123/files/ArcGIS/My Surveys/Databases) on the phone - we assume the reason why is that the app is installed to the Work Profile on the device (we can see the Personal folders, though).

Is there any way to recover these 41 records? Has anyone faced this before? If yes, pretty please help!

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Have you plugged it into a PC yet?  Google now hides these files on purpose on the phone.  I thought this was posted but I can't find it.  You can also try the app Google Files if I remember right that opens some of these up.  But more reliable to plug into the PC.

Hope that does it for you.

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Thanks Doug, we plugged it to my laptop, and also checked the folders on the device itself (allowing to display hidden folders and files) but no success.
I'll give it a try with this Google Files app - if only!

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