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02-07-2020 02:53 AM
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I am able to open the survey I have created as a URL Link on Chrome.

Most of its functionality (drop down menus, maps, attachments) work as expected.

However, I have encountered two issues:

1) A value that is auto-populated in Survey123Connect from current date,time and a value of another survey field is having the value NaN on the web.

2) Two values that are converted to read-only mode when a user makes a specific selection in the mobile form, are not converted to read only on the Web form.

Any tips please?

Thank you,


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Hi George,

Did you encounter the same issue when you use field app?

Did the web form issue only occur in Chrome? How about other web browser?

Could you share the xls form with us so that we can look into the issue further?

You may email the form to if you prefer not to share publicly. 

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