Survey123 On Prem Installation Error

11-09-2021 02:07 AM
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Hi, a couple of weeks ago we deployed and configured survery123 on prem as part of our ArcGIS enterprise infrastructure. We initially done this is our dev environment and then pushed it to test. Both dev and test installation of survey123 work without any issues and we can create and publish surveys. 

The issue we are having is when we deployed survey123 to our production environment we receiving the error below when trying to create a survey. The deployment and configuration were done using the same method as dev and test so after a couple of weeks trying to trouble shoot the issue, I can't seem to find anything helpful. It would be much appreciated if anyone has seen this error before and has any knowledge on a potential fix?

Thanks Arran



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Hi @ArranGIS ,

I have not seen this specific error but have seen a number of other errors thrown during the create service process. I assume you're using the 3.13 version of the website installer, but will need much more info on the specifics of your Dev/Test and Prod environments (OS, ArcGIS Enterprise details, authentication method etc etc).

I would recommend contacting Esri Support and submitting this as a bug. You'll receive an official bug number which you can then subscribe to on the Esri Support site. If the issue is reported by other customers it will be attached to the same bug report, which helps us assess the impact of the issue and prioritize it accordingly.


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Additional info:


Web server -
IIS URL Rewrite Module Version 7.2.1993
IIS Application Request Routing Module Version 3.0.05311
ArcGIS Web Adaptor Version 10.8.14362
ArcGIS Survey123 Version

Portal Server –
Portal for ArcGIS Version 10.8.14362
ArcGIS Insights Version 2021.2.0.3977
ArcGIS Server Site –
ArcGIS Server Version 10.8.14362
ArcGIS Insights Version 2021.2.0.3977

Error occurs when:
1. Publishing Feature Services from ArcPro 2.8.2 as a hosted service with data being copied to the server
2. Creating a survey using the on premise surve123 form
3. Trying to publish a survey from survey123 connect desktop app
4. Creating a hosted feature service within portal using the Create Feature Layer option from My Content


When accessing the isServiceNameAvailable portal rest end point the server returns a 500 error. This happens with or without the web adapter, for example
"code": 500,
"message": "Internal Server Error"

This happens at least for the “Feature Service” type query.


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