Survey123 location errors

07-08-2018 03:40 PM
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Why are my students' locations in Survey123 coming up several hundred meters from where they collected their data? They have location services turned on on their phones and it is not all data points collected during a field trip, just some of them. The type of phone and provider does not seem to make a difference since most students find one or more data points are in the wrong location.

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Hi Sally

Survey123 will use the internal location service of the device to get its location. So you can compare the location in Survey123 with the location in Google Maps (for example) and they should be the same (it is worth double checking this if you are having issues). The other thing to check is the circumstances of the survey submission - i.e was the device recently taken out of a bag/pocket, not in full view of the sky, etc, as all of these things could degrade the accuracy of the location captured.

Additionally, have you included a geopoint question in the survey? If so you can verify the location returned by the device before the survey is submitted (if you open the map view). This may be useful in troubleshooting location accuracy issues.



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Hi John,

many thanks for your reply and suggestions.We have included geo points in our questions. We probably need to check that the device is in full view of the sky and not straight out of a pocket.

I will get students to look at Google Maps to see if both apps are showing the exact same location.