Survey123 Integromat error: 'Missing value of required parameter 'Feature ObjectID'.

09-16-2021 11:45 PM
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I'm trying to combine ArcGIS Field Maps with Survey123 Feature Reports and automate the workflow through Integromat.

My setup has worked fine, but suddenly I recieve this error: Missing value of required parameter 'Feature ObjectID'.


I have Set up the Survey123 module to take the objectID from the feature:


Any suggestions to what might go wrong?




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Hi @Niklasg ,

Can you provide the details of the result of the Field Maps action (hover over/click the '1' that is on the upper right of the icon)?  One thing I'll note is that the Field Maps action is designed to return several features (indicated by the array notation in the placeholder); I'm wondering if the wrong number of edits is being referred to (I'm seeing the [1] entry being accessed; for single-feature edits, I would expect to see the [0] feature be accessed).

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Hi James

Thanks for the help. I set up the Field Maps module again and now it seems to work everytime. However I can't seem to recall what I did differently this time.


But it works so thanks for the help.


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Hello Niklas,

I am attempting the same scenario build as yourself but unfortunately I am not having the same success.

The problem for me lies in the configuration of the Survey123 Create Report module.

It appears you are able to access your Survey and its corresponding Template.  My form was created within ArcGIS Field Maps so it does not appear within the Survey selection drop-down for choices.

Can you please share how you are able to correlate, configure and connect the Survey123 Create report with ArcGIS Field Maps?

Thank you for your time in advance.


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