Survey123 - Inserting rows inside excel sheet ~ keeps crashing!!!

05-11-2018 06:04 AM
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I created an enterprise feature service and when I open the form's excel sheet and right click to insert a new row the sheet crashes. I've tried this about 5+ times and it keeps crashing. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Jordan,

While this forum isn't the best place to diagnose a MS Excel issue, I'm wondering if there is something particular to this Excel document or your MS Excel installation in general.  Can you try to create a survey using one of the community samples and see if insertion of a row causes the crash as well?

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I am having a similar issue.  I did try to use the community survey and was able to add rows.  All of my surveys are behaving this way and it is on every tab.  The row just does not add or if insert copied row it will give me an error "This won't work because it would move cells in a table on your worksheet."

Any advice would be helpful.  Thank you!!

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