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05-21-2020 08:01 AM
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From the Survey123 Inbox listing.I would like to obtain from the search all the surveys that meet two conditions ..

For example; I have the "name" and "city" fields, and I want to view the all surveys that have the name "Juan" and  are from the city "Santa Fe".

Is this possible to achieve?


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Hi Julio,

Yes, it's possible.

Please check the online doc to see how to use the Inbox query to filter the records of the survey:

Prepare for editing existing survey data—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Your syntax in Connect>Settings>Inbox would be similar to this:

name='Juan' AND city='Santa Fe"

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Shwu-jing Jeng

Sorry, maybe my question is not understood.

I was referring to the smartphone's inbox, since I will need to be able to filter any name in any city,and it is not always a specific name and city.


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