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Survey123 Inbox map search and instance name

06-16-2023 06:19 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hello! I saw the new June 2023 update about the added search bar. Is there a way to set the search to one of the layers in the map rather than just the pre-set locators? This would be more useful than searching for address in some cases. I tried setting this in the map settings but I am not seeing anything other than the locators.

Another question about the Inbox map: I am now seeing the labels from the map configuration, which is incredibly helpful. I know this was not there before so I appreciate the update. However, I used the instance name as a workaround when the map was not as useful, and now it is overlapping with the map labels, making the map messy. Is there a way to turn this off in the map? The instance name is ;still useful in the List option so I would still need it. 

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I may have a solution for your first question.

  1. From Survey123 Connect, Open the .XLS
  2. For your geopoint field, under bind::esri:paramaters column, add the following text geocode="YOUR LOCATOR SERVICE ID"
  3. Publish Survey and it should use that Locator Service

Note, in this solution, you'd create a locator that is based on your layer.

I hope this works for you,



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