Survey123 Inbox Filter problems

08-01-2018 06:57 AM
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I am trying to get the Inbox filter to query data based on DISPATCHEDTO and CALLTYPE = 40.61522 _-81.537074 but I can't get the sql query to actually work. I don't get any errors when I re-download the survey and open the inbox. Does it not like the string? Is it maybe possible to write a SQL expression where CALLTYPE IS NOT 'Y' AND 'N' and we can assume it chooses everything else which would be the this string '40.615229 _-81.537074'?  

Tested and not working query
DISPATCHEDTO =${username} AND CALLTYPE = '40.615229 _-81.537074'

Survey Tab

Choices Tab

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Jordan,

Are you able to provide a copy of your xlsx form and the exact query and fields you are trying to use for the where clause query. Based on your screenshots the field name and lookup value you are trying to query is LEAKFOUND, but in the where clause you have CALLTYPE field name? Am I missing something?


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