Survey123 Inbox - Filter by group

07-15-2019 10:43 AM
Occasional Contributor II

We'd like to add a condition where the inbox will only retrieve records entered by members of a particular group, rather than by username.

The number of users may increase or decrease frequently, and we'd like to avoid republishing the survey every time there is an update.

Is this possible?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Javier,

This may be possible depending on how the groups are structured.  There are a couple of ways this could be accomplished:

- Create a field with group assignments.  Publish one form per group.

- Created a hosted feature layer view with the group definition query embedded.  Publish one form per view.

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Occasional Contributor II

Thanks for the suggestion James.

However, I am relaying on three forms per group, thus, will have to republish a total of 30 surveys (10 groups total) every time there is an update. FYI these updates would be frequent due to the fact that some dropdowns need to be updated periodically due to the addition of locations. Just for reference, we are dealing with Points of Distribution that are set up as needed.

Also keep in mind each form is very specific and I wasn't able to develop them in a way that every scenario fit in a single form.



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