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Survey123 Geocoder Help

06-06-2022 11:34 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to create a survey for fire inspections that requires an address to be entered in Survey123.  I added an address question, and the question editor says that the question uses my organization's locators (which is what I want).


I really only want to use the Newport News and Virginia Composite Geocoders.  When I click on edit and turn off "use all contents below", it will not let me select them individually and tells me that I need to add it as an item first.


I haven't been able to find how to add the geocoders as an item so that I can only choose the first two.  Any help is much appreciated!


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I don't think it's possible to limit the geocoders that the tool uses. I haven't tried in Survey123 Connect, but I don't believe that the option is exposed in the web version. That would be a nice enhancement, though.