Survey123 form working on PC, but not on mobile device

05-12-2023 03:37 AM
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I'm not entirely sure if this is a 123 issue, or ArcGIS online, but it relates to 123 so I've put it here. I've built a survey which I'm using through Map and Experience Builder for public data collection. When I test the survey from my workstation it all works fine, but when I try it on my mobile, in spite of being signed in as me, I get an error (attached). Even more puzzling, I created two surveys, for two slightly different audiences, and the other survey works fine.

Anyone have any idea why this should be and what I can do to fix it?



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Hi @SimonCrutchley

 The first thing to check would be browser cache / a different browser on the mobile device since you have proved it is not a permissions issue.

Hope this helps

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Hi Richard,

Sorry for the delayed response. In the meantime I've copied the spreadsheet, republished and now it works, so I'm completely stumped. I guess it's one of those intermittent issues that you never get to the bottom of, but at least it seems to be okay for now.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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