Survey123 for wide survey.

10-28-2015 08:31 AM
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Survey123 is a useful app, lots of companies needs eletronic forms, but for a wide survey like through the whole country, there's a challenge to convince adopters

about the Licensing model.

For example, in a survey census, the field team are, most of the times, temporary users, being it not viable to implement, since this resource is available for named users only.


1) Work on an elastic model, as SAAS, so only during the research, when there is an differential effort,  the expenses will be raised; and we can adjust the prices for the volume contracted.

2) After build the form, the named user might set the form available as public, that asks for an user logon. The username/password could be stored in a new sheet, to control the access to the main form. In case of thousands users (External Selects feature).

For example, Esri could implement a temporary user repository, and implement that functionality.

On my opinion, this resource would encourage named users to have Survey123 as the main tools while think of about any Survey

Wellington Alves

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I know you also posted on github and I responded there but since you posted here too I will also put in my response because this is an important issue.

Amen, yes we could use Survey123 (and Collector) for a majority of our data collection needs but it only works in house or if our partners have ESRI AGO accounts with spare licenses.  Honestly for us it is not the cost or need for a license it is the issue that the named user needs to have a company email address.  This is not practicall as many large companies (like mine) have such strict rules about adding users who are not actual employees.  I would be perfectly happy if ESRI allowed more flexibility in the type of users added to an AGO account.  We would gladly purchase 50 extra licenses if we could assign them out to anyone. Have 50 set aside for data collection, assign those out for a project (in house or not) and then reassign them for the next project.  If you need more on a bigger project just purchase more and be sure to account for those costs in your bid

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