Survey123 Feature Report Image Attachment Issue

10-25-2021 07:41 AM
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I have not used the feature report option in Survey123 since July. Since there was an update since then, I am now having an issue attaching photos to my feature reports. With no change to the attached Survey123 Connect spreadsheet I get the following error: An error occurred when checking the report template. Failed to parse ${Signature | size:100:10} since size is not supported for the current field. If I change the FieldType to anything other than String than the pictures don't attach to the report. Guidance to fix the issue is greatly appreciated.

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I am also having this issue on Survey123 Connect 3.13.249.

I created report templates with signatures (images) about 3-6 months ago, and everything outputted fine. When I go in now (within the last couple of weeks), I'm getting this error (below) in regard to the signature not being able to export as an image. It only works as text now, which isn't of use to me.


@ZacharySutherby ?

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Hello @elpinguino

Do you also have esriFieldTypeString set for the bind::esri:fieldType on the image question? If so is there a reason why it's set to String? 


@BrettClark If you have nothing set in the bind::esri:fieldType do you still see the image not show up in the report? 

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Thanks @ZacharySutherby . That fixed it. I removed esriFieldTypeString set for the bind::esri:fieldType . I had those in the forms before the latest S123 update. Something must have been changed.

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