Survey123 Feature Report From a Web App

05-05-2020 01:51 PM
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I'm looking to add some functionality into my workflow. Just to set the stage:

  • Road inspection data was collected via Collector 
  • Want to create a "package" for a contractor to fix the identified deficiencies. This would include a simple map and report (report is more important than map) displaying the locations and the associated data with each deficiency point
  • Say a user wants to select selects 5 points from a AGOL feature service. I need a way to select these points (Maybe through a web app builder app and the select tool). Now the user will need to create a report for each of the 5 points selected. This report would just show the attrbutes for the selected points

Maybe create a report into Survey123 via an open ended webhook through Integromat. This will all act on a feature service tied to Survey123 and spit out a feature report from Survey123. I'm not looking for anything fancy or complicated. I'm just looking at ways to allow the user to select multiple features on a map and export a report on them including data and any attachments.


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Hi Joe,

This would be possible to develop in a custom app (or a custom widget for Web AppBuilder/Experience Builder) by using the Feature Report's REST API resource. Documentation for this is available in the Survey123 Beta Community.

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Do you know of any examples from ESRI or the community of this?

Can multiple inspection results be put on one page of a feature report?

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I also have a need for this. However, in the meantime can any AGOL user generate a report via the Survey123 website by clicking through to the data tab. ie. ?

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Will using a custom widget to run a feature report template through WAB still consume credits? 

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