Survey123 Error in opening workspace. Code 500. Hosted service

05-28-2021 01:33 PM
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After performing the license maintenance update in 10.8.1, both in Server and Portal, we confront a problem with Survey123. When we use Survey123 Connect to republish or publish a new survey, both hosted service, it does not allow us and gives us the following error: Error in opening workspace. Code 500.

We performed different tests:
1. publish from Survey123 on different computers and the result was the same error.
2. We downloaded the latest version of Survey123 3.12, we went back to republish and publish a new survey and it still gave the same error.
3. We published from ArcGIS Pro and Desktop and we were able to publish.

Any Idea?

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Hi Tatiana,

Are you able to apply similar fix to your issue from this previous posted solution?

I would suggest you to open a ticket with Esri Support to have them looking into the details of your environment setup and configuration for any potential issues on the server side.

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