Survey123 Error converting XLS form

10-19-2020 04:06 PM
New Contributor II

Can anyone explain the attached error to me? Changed the name in the name column and get the below.

Type:                                                                           Name:         Label:

select_one list_asset_and_condition_asset_type      asset_type   Asset Type:

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Esri Contributor

Hi James,

Please check the 'choices' worksheet of your XLSForm. It is complaining that there is no list named 'list_asset_and_condition_asset_type', but your select_one question is trying to reference it.


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Hi all, 

Experiencing a generic "Error Converting Form" Error, for any and all errors on the Survey 123 connect form.  Can someone please explain why there is no longer a detail of error type while converting forms?  Experiencing this message for error types such as:

- Missing Choice.

- Missing a label name. 

- Missing a group end statement.

These used to all be specific error messages, and now I'm getting a simple generic "Error Converting Form" message.  Is there any update on when there will be specific error messages returned again for Survey 123 connect?



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