Survey123 - Empty Repeat Record Created - Version 3.12.277

03-24-2021 02:21 AM
Esri Contributor

Does Survey123 still honor the "minimal compact" appearance for repeats to stop it from creating a blank record?

I have a survey with that exact setup but Survey123 still creates a blank record:


The "Progress for Week" repeat is inside the "Financial Year" repeat. But its appearance is minimal compact.


Even without clicking on the + for Progress for Week a record still gets created in the database:




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Hi @DeonLengton The minimal appearance behavior has not changed. When applied to a repeat, no blank record should be created. A basic test using the Nested Repeats sample shows minimal appearance working as expected with version 3.12. No record is shown in the form, and no record is created in the database. I also tried the combination minimal compact and it worked fine too.  I wonder if you have some calculations inside you repeat that could be changing the expected behavior. If you have a form where this is not working as expected, please try to simplify the form as much as you can, while still showing the problem, and create a new Esri Tech Support incident.

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Thank you Ismael - let me simply and see if i can find the related issue 🙌

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Trying minimal appearance with nested repeats in version 3.17.55 and have found it works if both the first and second repeat are set to a minimal appearance. If the first is not set to minimal, but the second is, the second repeat creates a blank record.