Survey123 embedded web form error

08-25-2020 08:04 AM
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Good morning,

I recently started getting the following error message when editing a feature in a webform. 

   Failed to submit - Cannot read property 'toDataURL' of null

The error is displayed when editing records using an embedded form in a dashboard and it also occurs when editing features in the Survey123 websites "Data" tab. I can edit records in the field app through the inbox with no issues.

Any help on how to fix this error would be much appreciated!


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In case anyone else comes across this issue, it looks like the cause of this error message is using multiline annotate as an appearance. It works fine in the field app, but you are prevented from submitting the survey using a web form. After some experimenting I figured out that if I only use the multiline appearance the web form works fine.

Thank you,