Survey123 Does Not Wrap Text

12-08-2020 09:15 AM
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Survey123 apparently does not wrap text when reviewing a data survey record when it pops up. After I select a record to review and it pops up on the right of the screen including photos, the text does not wrap. It gets worse when I save the data to a PDF. All text saved into the PDF must be cleaned up. The text is not wrapped and it leaves spaces inside words. Please advise. RM

Screenshot 2020-12-08 111210.png

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Robert,

Are you referring to the "pop up" being on he Data tab of the Survey123 website and the "Form view" panel on the right hand side?

And are you printing to PDF from this panel, or from the "Reports" feature which is the panel on the left where you have a template for formatting Word docs and can set this set up for your survey and print to Word or PDF format.



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Hi Robert,

Thanks for raising the issue here, it seems like an issue with the individual response panel. Our team will look into this issue, and reply to this post with any updates.



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