Survey123 - dates online vs exported file differ

05-11-2017 12:49 PM
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I am having issues with the dates showing up incorrectly in Survey123 online, however when I export the CSV file, they are correct.

For example, I have an entry showing up as being collected on May 10, 2017, in my date collected field, when I view the data online. This is populated using today(). However when I export, it shows up as May 11, 2017. I know May 11th is the correct date for various reasons.

On a form with about 500 entries, there are around 5-10 of these incorrect dates scattered throughout (online view only). 

Any ideas why this is happening? At the end of the day, the csv file is exported with the correct dates, but a bit annoying for when I am applying filters, or if I want someone else to view this data online.

Screenshot examples attached.

The second date field you see in the exported csv form is a hidden formatted field as I want the dates to be in ddmmyyyy. I can also see that in the entries that are showing up with the incorrect dates online, their times are 06:00, and the correct ones are at 07:00, in the exported file.. 

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Hi Nadine,

is the viewing of the survey data occurring in the same time zone as the collection?  Survey123, like the rest of ArcGIS Online, stores date information as a UTC timecode.  Additionally, the today() function defaults to 00:00 in the local time zone.  If, for example, data is being collected in New York City and viewed in Los Angeles (3 hour difference), any today() fields will show up as being the day before (00:00 NYC = 21:00 LA).  The same will occur for any time field collected between 00:00 - 03:00 in NYC, it's still the day before in LA.

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Thanks for your reply.

It is not consistent. We have individuals out in the field from about 10pm to 5am, the incorrect dates are scattered throughout. Some right at 10pm, others at 5am. The only thing I can see consistent between the incorrect dates is that in the exported file it says DATE 6:00. The others say DATE 7:00. 

Also, would that affect the difference between the exported CSV file and what we view online? Wouldn't the exported file be the same as what is online?


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I am having also the same issue.

- On smartphone: we have the right date (for exemple May 27)

- On Survey Online : this'is also the right date

- On CSV'export or Excel: it's become the day before (the May 26 !?)


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I am having the same issue.  The stored date in Survey123 does not match the exported date. The exported report shows September 17 when it should show September 18th.  It does show the 18th in survey123.

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