Survey123 Data page crashes for users with "results" access

11-15-2022 12:34 PM
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I have a survey that I have shared the results of through the Collaborate page with a certain group. When I try and access the Data page (<id>/data) as one of the members of the group the page begins to load and then freezes. I can access the data through other means as users within this group and the Overview and Analyze pages load properly, it is just the data page that does not.


I have tried creating a new group and sharing/unsharing the results but still have the same result. I have no problem viewing the data page when logged in as the creator of the survey.

If I share the survey with a user in the update survey section of the Collaborate page that is in a Shared Update Group the data page will load fine for them. But I would like to just share the results and allow for export on the data page.

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Hi @ANRGIS , I haven't been able to replicate this issue on my site from what you are describing. If it's not system wide you may want to request a Tech Support ticket with ESRI for your organization in case it is something specific to your users or organization.



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